About us

Indie software developer thug-zh.com is currently focused on applications for the iOS platform. Our hobbies and interests are quite varied; so application-wise we're hoping to create a pretty mixed and interesting bag. Please check out our titles and give us your support...

Styleyfone iOS app icon

for those of you with musical aspirations (or spare time on your morning commute ;o)

LilTracer iOS app icon
Li'l Tracer

helps teach your pre-school child how to draw basic shapes and how to write letters/numbers.

BusyMe iOS app icon
Busy Me

nurture 'pencil' control via coloring, tracing & connect-the-dots activities.

ThinkBubbles iOS app icon

a funky way to keep your synapses firing on all cylinders.

Minglies iOS app icon

odd looking maybe, but their first iPad app comes with 3 fun pastimes to keep the little ones amused.

Hashiwokakero iOS app icon
GE Hashiwokakero

Connect all the islands using the correct number of bridges. 9 modes of play and unlimited puzzles.

Mathdoku iOS app icon
GE Mathdoku

math/logic puzzles for Sudoku fans. 8 modes of play and unlimited puzzles.

Sudoku iOS app icon
GE Sudoku

The classic logic-based number-placement puzzle. 14 modes of play and unlimited puzzles.

Planarity iOS app icon
GE Planarity

Hours of untangley fun, 5 modes of play and unlimited puzzles.

Magnets iOS app icon
GE Magnets

Hours of magneticy fun, 8 modes of play and unlimited puzzles.

If you've already downloaded any of these and are an active user, we'd love to hear from you. We're eager to address any issues that may arise and perhaps work on any feature requests you might have.

For any support, bug reports, feedback or feature requests; please contact us via .