BusyMe iOS preschool app product image

BusyMe - Color, trace and connect-the-dots for pre-schoolers

The BusyMe application is our 2nd preschool offering for iPad and is designed to help keep the little ones amused on a rainy day. The program provides 3 main activities...

  • coloring (let's stay inside the lines)
  • tracing (let's stay on the lines)
  • connect-the-dots (which number comes next mum?)

...all designed to help practice 'pencil' control; encourage a colorful imagination; learn how to draw everyday objects; plus help teach the correct sequence of numbers and letters.

Take time for these fun activities with your child. Help build valuable motor skills, develop focus and improve hand-eye co-ordination. Take the opportunity to discuss color and enhance your child's color recognition, whilst encouraging self expression. (Nobody says a camel has to be brown).

Whilst our younger artists may be a little free and easy with their strokes; coloring and tracing helps learn about control, boundaries and milestones (or a sense of accomplishment in the finished result).

The application is a supplementary means of education; rather than a replacement for pencil and paper equivalent activities. But it does give your child an early exposure to modern tools and technologies. (Plus, you don't have to worry about crayons and paint marks on the back seat of your car). Watch them navigate through the various screens, change color and brush size, plus wipe the slate clean to start again.

Tracing activities help with fine motor skills, but also show the shapes and strokes that make up everyday objects. This activity helps develop an eye for detail and an ability to reproduce the images on paper.

What can we say about connect-the-dots? For kids, this fun past time is great for learning and reinforcing counting and number recognition. Younger kids can get a fantastic math workout just from doing simple dot-to-dot puzzles. Older kids will appreciate the reinforcement of the skills they already have. Additionally, learning number and letter sequencing is much easier and fun with an image to show the correct solution.

(Remember: the shortest distance between 2 points may be a straight line, but curves can be more fun. Plus, if your child is carefully straightening some lines and curving others, it's usually a clue that they're recognizing the final image).

For any support, bug reports, feedback or feature requests; please contact us via . If you like the app, please review it on the AppStore.