chsms iOS app product image

If you live in Switzerland, are a Cablecom user and have an iPhone/iTouch; this is the application for you. chSMS (pronounced ch-yes-MS) was written when the author realized he had an unused free SMS quota each month thru' Cablecom. First thing he did was write this app and start saving money.

Simply put: chSMS is more convenient than the browser-based hispeed messenger service; as it's right there on your iPhone/iTouch, where SMSes belong...

We designed chSMS to be light-weight enuff to supplement the other social networking apps in your pocket. Use WhatsApp for iPhone-to-iPhone texting, Skype or Email when your friends are on-line and chSMS as a free alternative to standard SMSes (to mobile numbers at home or abroad).

Your telecoms provider usually charges for SMSes separately from your data plan. So use your free Cablecom credits, inside (3G/EDGE/wifi) or outside (wifi) the country, to save on costs.

For any support, bug reports, feedback or feature requests; please contact us via .