dVise iOS app screenshots

The dVise application was inspired by the author’s 2nd (and more serious) attempt at getting to grips with the German language. You can’t beat lessons at a good language school, excellent teacher and class of motivated students for getting the job done. Regular practice/tuition and weekly tests really help to keep you on your toes.

We created dVise in an attempt to pack more knowledge into your pocket (and fewer text books into your school bag). Since your iPhone is a constant companion, your dVise study notes are always at hand. A perfect way to pass the time on your daily commute or boring business trips.

We hope that any time you make time to flip thru’ some aspect of your notes, we can help further your education...

The author studied A2/B1 level German and comfortably passed a Goethe B1 exam. So dVise targets these levels of competency. But we hope dVise can supplement your existing study tools and help you achieve the level of proficiency you aspire to.