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LilTracer - Childrens' shapes, numbers and letters

One of the most valuable things a parent can provide for a child is a supportive and stimulating environment. Whether you take a few minutes a day or a whole weekend; there's a range of activities you can do with your child. Activities designed to be both beneficial and fun. With a little thought you'll ensure your child's progress during their foundation years in education.

For example learning to write is a complex skill, which children are expected to master at an early age. By introducing your child to letter sounds and practicing letter formation together, you can pave the way to writing and spelling simple words and phrases.

The Li'l Tracer application for iPad is designed to assist preschool children in taking that first step to learning letters and numbers; (with shapes and colors thrown in for good measure)...

Encourage your child to repeat letter names and sounds. (Sounds are equally important as they're a precursor to grouping individual letter sounds into whole words: c-a-t). Teach them how to write both letters (upper & lower case) and numbers; plus how to draw simple shapes. Just follow the guides provided and trace the paths with a finger.

Hand writing is an important skill in a child's development. Starting with shapes, to help develop hand eye co-ordination. Then moving to letters and numbers, where focus should be on consistent ordering of the strokes in a given character. As with many other skills, don't rush...and remember: practice makes perfect.

Also, don't pass up the opportunity to discuss the images provided: shape, color, number and add some interesting facts about real-world objects. Whilst they're sitting still for a change, it doesn't harm to wedge a little extra knowledge into their heads). 😊

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