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Magnets - charged logic puzzles for iOS

Magnets is a logic puzzle that's appeared in various guises, both in puzzle magazines and on the internet. The Object of the game is to fill the grid provided with a mixture of charged magnets (with positive/negative poles) and blank dominoes (green with two neutral poles). Be sure to satisfy all the clues around the grid, as these indicate the number of positive and negative poles contained in related rows and columns.

Of course two like poles can't occupy adjacent squares, as they would repel. But neutral poles don't repel; so they can be next to any other pole. Sounds simple. But it's still challenging enough to give your braincells a work out.

GE Magnets is available on all your iOS devices and features:

  • Single universal binary for iPhone/iPad
  • Unlimited puzzles, so you'll never need to buy another puzzle book (or make an in-app-purchase)
  • Unlimited undo/redo, for ease of backtracking
  • Automatic error checking/highlighting
  • Free (Lite) version with 6 modes of play
  • Full version with 8 modes of play and GameCenter integration, so you can check how buffed your brain-cells are

For any support, bug reports, feedback or feature requests; please contact us via . If you like the app, please review it on the AppStore.

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