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Planarity - Untangle the web, exercise your brain

Planarity is a simple but highly addictive puzzle based on a tangled series of inter-connected dots. A simple game to untangle the web, until none of the connecting lines cross.

Not quite as easy as it sounds; tho' probably not as difficult as untangling your daughter's skipping rope (or the chain on your husband's gold medallion ;o)

GE Planarity is available on all your iOS devices and features:

  • Single universal binary for iPhone/iPad
  • Unlimited puzzles, so you'll never need to buy another puzzle book (or make an in-app-purchase)
  • Unlimited undo/redo, for ease of backtracking
  • Free (Lite) version with 3 modes of play
  • Full version with 5 modes of play and GameCenter integration, so you can check how buffed your brain-cells are

For any support, bug reports, feedback or feature requests; please contact us via . If you like the app, please review it on the AppStore.

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