Privacy Policy

Welcome to our website and thanks for the interest shown in our products. In order to give you a warm-fuzzy feeling with respect your personal data, we'd like to outline exactly what happens to any data entered/stored; plus what safety measures we take to protect it.

Right of information

On request we can notify you in writing with respect to a specific application; whether any personal data is stored and if so, what.


If required, please contact us via:

Personal data & right of access

Basically, we've done our best to keep things simple and secure all around. Regardless of which app you download, we do not currently collect or share any person-related data. If any configuration/account data is needed, it will only be stored locally on your device. Nothing will be transferred to our servers, or indeed any 3rd party servers, without your consent.

This includes any apps that require access to e.g. contacts, telephone numbers etc. Your data remains your data and as such we respect your privacy. We may access what exists or what you provide, but we won't copy it anywhere else.

We leave the security of your device and any associated back-ups firmly in your hands.

Apps for Children

None of our child-focused apps currently employ adverts or in-app-purchase options, and none of them store any kind of user information what-so-ever. We prefer not to distract the little dears from the educational/fun aspects of their alloted computer-time.


We reserve the right to adjust our Privacy Policy as new apps and features are added; or indeed new markets and regulations arise. Please feel free to check back here from time to time to keep abreast of any updates.

Last updated

1st November 2016