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Go know you want to. Indulge your inner geek, with the Styleyfone pocket synthesizer!

This app is our homage to the original pocket synthesizer (Stylophone™) which was actually invented by Brian Jarvis way back in 1967! (This is how Grandpa would've impressed the chicks back in the day. Hence the phrase: "Is that a Styleyfone in ya pocket or you just glad to see me"? ;o)

Whether you're a seasoned musician or relegated to the wannabe camp, Styleyfone is actually a compact way to keep your ear in shape. Features include:

Our goal was a back-to-basics means to help you pick out songs by ear. So whatever your regular instrument of choice, this is a convenient back-up, to help you continue learning. (Easier than carrying your cello everywhere you go ;o)

If you hit a bum note whilst you're figuring things out, who cares? Just slide your finger until your ears stop cringing and you're back in business. (Much like a stringed instrument in that respect).

It's a great way to pass the time on ya daily commute and have a little fun! Tho' we would recommend you wear headphones, whilst learning a new tune. Lest you incur the wrath of fellow passengers. (Oh...and don't forget to get off at your stop ;o)

For any support, bug reports, feedback or feature requests; please contact us via . If you figure out any riffs'n'tunes of your own and would like to share; please visit our facebook page!