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Sudoku - infinite puzzles, multiple modes

Sudoku is the classic logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. (Tongue twister, right)? Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. But if you've been off-planet since 1986 you may not know this fun game's objective. To play sudoku, simply: fill an N×N grid with digits (1 to N) such that each row, column and block contain only one occurrence of each available digit. (Some squares are pre-filled as clues; place the rest of the digits correctly until the grid is complete). Simple...right?

Some doctors will tell you that daily puzzles are a handy way to keep your mind and memory sharp, prevent cognitive decline and improve your general problem solving skills. (So they're great for young and old alike). Personally I play sudoku 'cos it's a great way to switch off, after a hard day at the office.

You could spend your hard-earned cash on book after book of puzzles or even print puzzles from various sources online. But why waste the money, the time and the paper? Save the trees! You can probably find websites to play sudoku puzzles online. But why waste your data plan, when puzzle generation and checking can be done locally? You always have your phone (or tablet) with you, so you'll always have the best puzzle to suit your mood.

The GE Sudoku app is available on all your iOS devices and features:

  • Single universal binary for iPhone/iPad
  • Unlimited puzzles, so you'll never need to buy another puzzle book (or make an in-app-purchase)
  • Unlimited undo/redo, for ease of backtracking
  • Automatic error checking/highlighting
  • Free (Lite) version with 8 modes of play
  • Full version with 14 modes of play and GameCenter integration, so you can check how buffed your brain-cells are

Modes of play include: trivial, basic, intermediate, advanced, killer sudoku and even jigsaw sudoku. There really is something here for novice to expert.

For any support, bug reports, feedback or feature requests; please contact us via . If you like the app, please review it on the AppStore.

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